The first eUTxO DEX. Available on Ergo and Cardano blockchains

Launch DEX
The main feature of Spectrum Finance is that we build it on top of the multi-chain network called Spectrum Network.
Spectrum Network
Spectrum Network is designed in such a way as to allow the exchange/swap of native assets (e.g. ADA → ETH, BNB → ERG) without wrapping.
Make more transactions, pay lower fees
We optimize Spectrum Finance to increase transactions speed and make them cheaper.
Open source
Spectrum Finance is an open source DEX.
Earn your own way
Trade, provide and mine liquidity or launch your own off-chain bots.
Get involved in DeFi easily
We are building a user-friendly interface to start your DeFi experience smoothly.

> $20 000 000

Trading volume

> 6 000

Secure deposits

> 60 000

Smooth swaps


Cardano side
In progress
Testnet on Cardano Vasil hard fork
In progress
Embedded ADA staking
Mainnet on Cardano Vasil hard fork
New features
In progress
Yield farming
Portfolio dashboard
Spectrum DEX v2.0
In progress
Bridge Ergo/Cardano
P2P trades
Protocol analytics
Limit Order swaps
Ledger integration

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