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Trustless Connected Cross-chain Liquidity

Spectrum Finance is a cross-chain DEX which we are building on top of decentralized cross-chain messaging protocol - Spectrum Network

Spectrum Finance

is an open source cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) for fast, trustless cross-chain swaps, liquidity provision & liquidity mining.

We are building Spectrum Finance on top of the multi-chain network called Spectrum Network.

Spectrum Network

is a multi-chain network that brings interoperability for DeFi out of the box. It is designed in such a way as to perform cross-chain swaps of native asset without wrapping (e.g. ADA → ETH, ETH → ERG, etc.).

Designed in such a way as to allow the exchange of native assets (e.g. ADA → ETH).
Does not depend on any central party either directly or indirectly.
Source code of all our products is open and transparent for everyone.

Spectrum Network

Taking DeFi to the next level

The protocol for programmable cross-chain messaging

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SPF Token

Enjoy cross-chain utility

Govern, reduce fees and participate in the cross-chain consensus

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Spectrum Finance
Ergo side Layer 1 AMM Protocol
Cardano side Layer 1 AMM Protocol
In progress
Spectrum Finance cross-chain AMM protocol testnet
Spectrum Network
Spectrum Network white paper
In progress
Spectrum Network testnet
Spectrum Network mainnet
Spectrum Finance ecosystem development
Spectrum Finance Bug Bounty Program
Spectrum Finance DAO & Governance
Spectrum Finance DeFi scaling program

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