We have changed the brand!

Hey! If you missed it, we have changed the brand! Now we are Spectrum.
We will not just be a DEX anymore, but a native cross-chain ecosystem with new products. Stay tuned and join our socials!

Scaling DeFi

Spectrum is a cross-chain DeFi stack


The first eUTxO DEX. Available on Ergo and Cardano blockchains

Get involved in DeFi easily and earn your own way with our cross-chain DEX

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Good ideas are worth being scaled

Get multidisciplinary support for your project

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SPF Token

Become a part of Spectrum


Spectrum. Network

Taking DeFi to the next level

Layer 2 solution to make quick, cheap and cross-chain DeFi come true


Practice first, dreams later

Founded and managed by developers
Over 50k community members
We are the first to build eUTxO DEX


In progress
Spectrum.Network white paper
In progress
Spectrum.Network testnet
Spectrum.Network mainnet
In progress
Spectrum.DEX V2
Spectrum.Wallet initiate team building
Spectrum.Wallet V1 with dApp connector
Initial rebuild from Spectrum.DEX to Spectrum.Finance SuperApp
SPF Token
Spectrum ecosystem development
Spectrum bug bounty program
Spectrum DeFi scaling program


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