🎉 Incentives for Cardano Liquidity Providers are live!

Cross-chain utility token of the Spectrum Finance ecosystem

Ticker: SPF

Farm SPF
50% more rewards than ISPO


Utility evolves as the protocol evolves. Therefore, we are unrestricted to the presented set of utility functions, as users can add more new ones with the help of governance voting.

Off-chain executors fees

Pay execution fees using SPF token


Spectrum Network validators reward

Run Spectrum Network node and take part in the consensus. Be rewarded with SPF by securing the network

In progress


Propose, vote and build with the community

Planned for 2024

Protocol fee reduction

Reduce cross-chain protocol fees by holding SPF tokens on you non-custodial wallet

Planned for 2024


1 billion SPF was minted on 25 Dec 2022. 50% will become accessible over the course of 3 years on Ergo and Cardano networks. The rest 50% will be distributed among Spectrum Network cross-chain protocol validators.

Tokens that will be initially released on the Ergo blockchain
Tokens that will be initially released on the Cardano blockchain
Spectrum Network
Tokens that will be released on the Spectrum Network side-chain
Total supply1,000,000,000 SPF


We believe that 3/4 of the protocol should belong to the community. Therefore, 75.4% of the total supply will be distributed to the community via token sales, ISPO, Yield Farming and Spectrum Network consensus.

Team & Advisors
Growth Treasury
DAO Treasury
Total supply1,000,000,000 SPF

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